Arizona Schools Partner With Pfizer, Offer Free Backpacks To Any Child Who Gets Vaccinated

Free backpacks and educational supplies are being provided to students, in exchange of a coronavirus vaccinations.

Arizona Department of Education is working with Phoenix Union High School District to provide free backpacks and educational supplies to students that submit themselves into taking the Pfizer coronavirus vaccination. In a tweet from Kathy Hoffman, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, she encouraged anyone twelve years old or older to register for their vaccination. Children 12-15 years of age have been endorsed by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to take part in the coronavirus vaccination process.

The Arizona Department of Education has provided Lyft vouchers for students and parents in order to get to one of the 15 vaccination location sites. There is no indication provided on the flier or signup website that parents must accompany the student and provide consent for the child’s vaccination. (READ MORE: San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Brags ‘We’re Coming for Your Children’ in New Zoom Song)

Twitter user, Chief Trumpster, criticized the event and questioned how much the event is costing tax payers. They said that providing free backpacks and school supplies in exchange of coronavirus vaccinations would be considered bribery. (READ MORE: Citigroup Banking Giant Requires Employees To Get The Vaccine or Wear A Mask)

This event comes after the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention released guidance that vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear masks indoors at schools. Those that do not wish to get vaccinated should still wear masks and socially distance. Phoenix Union High School District released a protocol for students that forgot or refuse to wear a mask, including removing the student from the in-person learning classroom and moving them back to remote learning.

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