Cops use stun gun on woman accused of assaulting kids for not wearing masks

If your kids have COVID-19 and you allegedly beat them because they won’t wear masks and you have to have police use a stun gun on you because of it, you’re not only a lousy parent, you’re also not doing your part to preserve public health.

Granted, it’s not clear whether 32-year-old Sarah Michelle Boone did what she’s accused of, and she certainly deserves her day in court (if only by Zoom). It also sounds like she may have some unresolved issues that go beyond extreme mask Karening.

That said, masks were apparently part of the reason why she’ll now be charged with three counts of child abuse and assault, along with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

According to The Associated Press, police were called to the family’s home in Wickenburg, Arizona, the day after Christmas.

The three children involved had been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to the AP. They didn’t want to wear masks. So, in one case, Boone allegedly hit one of the children in the face. In another case, she’s accused of kicking a child who was on the floor. She allegedly picked up a third child by the neck.

According to KTAR-FM in Glendale, Boone’s relationship with the children was unclear, however, the station reported that she’s listed in court documents as being their mother or stepmother.

Now, given that this apparently happened within the home where Boone lives, one wonders, if the accusations are correct, whether or not Boone considered the fact that picking up an infected child by the next isn’t a way to prevent herself, at the very least, from getting the virus.

Naturally, this didn’t just happen out of the blue.

According to the AP, authorities said they encountered Boone before on three previous incidents of domestic violence.” Reports “indicated that Boone was under the influence of alcohol when she struck the children.”

Boone wasn’t there when authorities came to the house. She’d left; police found her walking on the street, where she ignored their commands to stop, the AP reported.

When they tried to arrest her, meanwhile, she fought them, according to the report. The officers ended up subduing her with a stun gun and she was arrested.

Boone was taken to a Maricopa County jail and released on $5,000 bond, according to the AP.

There was no response to several phone calls made to numbers listed as contacts for Boone, the AP reported.

Now, to be fair, no one is saying that Boone was in compos mentis when this happened. The AP report states that it was “indicated that Boone was under the influence of alcohol when she struck the children.”

However, if this was indeed domestic abuse over children with COVID-19 who wouldn’t wear masks — which means, presumably, Boone cares at some level about transmission — look what transpired.

Boone left the house and went for a walk. There isn’t much chance of people contracting the virus in outdoor spaces, but there’s little doubt that, at this point, Boone had been exposed. (Whether or not she had COVID-19 previously is unknown, but it doesn’t make this hypothetical much better either way.)

After she was stopped by police, she allegedly didn’t comply with orders and engaged in a fight with them — which potentially exposed them to the virus in a way they wouldn’t have been had she just surrendered peacefully.

She was taken to Maricopa County jail, where — if she has COVID-19 — she would have been a vector of transmission. And this was all because she was triggered by the fact her children or stepchildren didn’t wear masks.

Aside from this, Boone’s case highlights one of the unintended consequences of lockdowns: A suspected increase in domestic violence over the past 10 months, as noted by the New England Journal of Medicine.

The fact this collided against mask hysteria is another sign we desperately need to step back and reevaluate our priorities as a society. The case of Sarah Michelle Boone is just a random news story until you realize how it fits into the sad, larger picture.

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This post, and its headline, originally said that police has used a Taser against Boone when, in fact, it appears they used a stun gun.

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