REPORT: Jailed Trump Supporters Punished With Lockdown, Denied Phone Calls After Julie Kelly Exposes Biden’s ‘Deplorable Jail’

National File

The hundreds of election integrity protesters currently being held in solitary confinement without bail by the Biden Justice Department have reportedly been punished with a wekk-long lockdown, that includes 24 hours of cell isolation and a ban on phone calls after conservative commentator Julie Kelly exposed the political detainess’ living conditions on Fox News’ “Life, liberty, and Levin” show.

“Now getting reports the Deplorable Jail will be on lockdown as punishment for Mark Levin show last night. I’ve heard this from a few sources already this morning. WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS?” Kelly tweeted on Monday, accompanied by a screenshot of a message reportedly sent from one of the January 6 detainees.

The message reads, “OK mom, could use a little good news today. we just found out they are locking us down for an entire week in retaliation for that Levin special on us last night. no phone calls, no rec time, 5 min shower, 24 hours in our cells. they are trying to silence us for getting the truth out”

“Is this true?? If so, there are serious concerns for how these people are being treated in the Deplorable Jail,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted in in response to the news on Monday. “Political punishment is not fairness for all and not justice.”

Kelly had appeared on Levin’s show on Sunday night to expose the harsh treatment of election integrity protesters. The punishment of the political detainees in the “Deplorable Jail” has been reported as both a punishment and as a method of preventing the prisoners from sending reports of their mistreatment to the media.

“The U.S. government, Joe Biden’s Justice Department is holding political prisoners in a jail in Washington, D’C. that has been opened up specifically to house January 6 defendants awaiting trial, they’ve been denied bail, they’re living in harsh, almost solitary confinement conditions in this jail,” Kelly told Levin.

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