Seattle Homeless Shelter Gives “Booty Injection” Kits To Addicts

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Seattle Homeless Shelter Gives “Booty Injection” Kits To Addicts

America’s most liberal cities have transformed into ground-zero for what has become an all-out drug and homelessness crisis. Cities like Seattle, Washington, and others, are using taxpayer dollars to fund various types of programs such as needle exchanges and safe spaces to do drugs. 

A Seattle-backed homeless shelter called the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) uses taxpayer dollars to get addicts high. DESC employees hand out heroin and crack pipes, syringes, and even “booty bumping” kits. 

Local AM radio station KTTH reports DESC plastered flyers at their Navigation Center location on 12th Avenue South, encouraging addicts to come to the non-profit facility to collect “new tools and methods to continue their destructive and deadly addictions.”

For more on this, KTTH Radio Host Jason Rantz recently joined the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show to discuss how Democrats are destroying the city of Seattle. 

Rantz tweeted a three-minute clip of him and Tucker talking about taxpayer funds used by DESC to purchase heroin pipes, syringes, and “booty bumping kits.” 

“The city is now funding a homeless shelter that is passing out heroin pipes and distributing so-called ‘booty bumping kits’ so that junkies can inject drugs rectally,” Rantz told Tucker. 

“Well, when you teach addicts, who are already the hardest to get off the street a more efficient way to get high in a way that lasts longer, when you’re doing it with the so-called ‘booty bumping kit,’ all you’re doing is making it that much easier for them to stay addicted,” he continued.

In case you’re wondering, KTTH sheds more light on “booty bumping kits:”  

This process has an addict inject drugs rectally, usually meth or cocaine mixed with water, through a needless syringe. A rectum is very efficient at absorption, so the high is described as more intense and longer-lasting. The flyer says this method to get high is a “good choice if your veins are hard to hit,” and that it “doesn’t leave tracks.” -KTTH explains 

As ZH readers are undoubtedly aware, when liberal-run cities take part in funding these social experiments – many of them tend to fail. 

For example, San Francisco’s needle exchange program resulted in hazardous waste increases across the city. More addicts got high and violent crime surged and drug-fueled vagrants terrorized people on the street. 

… and it comes as no surprise that overdose deaths in the Democratic stronghold have killed almost four times more people than COVID-19 this year. These progressive ideas seem great on paper, but in actuality, they tend to disappoint. 

If the goal is to help people with addiction – why are progressives aiding in programs that keep people perpetually addicted? 

Why Seattle’s DESC believes they have the magic touch to solve an addiction crisis by employing similar failed programs seen in San Francisco is beyond us.

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