VIDEO: Liberal Fails To Steal MAGA Hat At MLB Game, Mets And Yankees Fans Unite To Chant ‘Trump 2024’

National File

Video footage from a recent Major League Baseball game shows fans of the rival New York Yankees and New York Mets teams uniting to cheer on a man who successfully repelled an attempt by liberal fans to steal his red Make America Great Again hat. Some of the spectators even broke into chants of “Trump 2024!”

In footage posted to Twitter and captioned, “A deranged lib tried stealing my friend’s MAGA hat at a baseball game in Yankee Stadium (NYC) Here’s what happened next:,” onlookers can be seen encouraging the fan to put the hat back on after it was nearly swiped by a Biden supporter. “Put it back on, put it back on,” they cheer, and when the man does they begin cheering and chanting, “Trump 2024! Trump 2024!”

“Here’s another angle of crowd as he puts his MAGA hat back on Keep in mind that this is in New York City, of all places,” another video caption reads, showing that dozens of fans cheered on the man after the unsuccessful attempt to take his hat. The perpetrators were reportedly kicked out of the venue, as another caption reads, “Here’s some of the attack caught on camera (they got kicked out for stealing the hat)”

“This was Yankees vs Mets game on Sunday he just sent me these today to post,” the original poster of the video added.

In May, Trump supporters unfurled a banner at Yankee stadium that read “Trump Won Save America,” enraging liberals and journalists. One angry onlooker even tried to hang on the flag with his entire body weight in an attempt to rip it down from the stands, but was ultimately not strong enough finish the job and was forced to walk away empty handed.

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